Yarn Love- Crystal Hand Stamped Stitch Marker Necklace

  • $ 45.00

This listing is for one hand stamped Stitch Marker Necklace. Each Necklace is made by hand- so please allow for variations in size, texture, placement, and depth of stamped design. It is these variations that add character to each individual piece. 

Necklace consists of a silver-finished steel and brass 3/4 circle key ring tipped with a pair of 9.5 mm rounds. The ring has been attached to a 2 mm stainless steel rolo chain and clasp that is 30" in length. One round unscrews to accept and take off stitch markers. This means you can change out the stitch markers you are wearing to match your outfit or to your knitting.

Each necklace also contains 3 antique gold- plated brass and 3 silver-plated brass 10 mm soldered rings; one with a swarovski crystal hanging from it. Soldered rings all have an inside diameter that is 8 mm.

Necklaces are made with a combination of the following materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Alkeme, Copper, Silver Nickel plated and/or Steel Plated materials over a brass base metal.

The plating on several of the materials may wear thin over time or sooner depending on wear, use, and how the individuals body reacts to the metal plating. Please keep in mind that the natural oils from your hands will also tarnish and oxidize the metals over time.

Please use caution when wearing and using metal stitch markers. While I take great care to file the edges they are still flat pieces of metal. Do not leave metal markers on WIP’s that will be stored for extended periods of time.

Last image is of me wearing a similar necklace just to give you an idea of how it will look when wearing it.

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