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Where every skein of yarn is a jewel of its own

Product Image Wonder Llamicorn on Snug Mini

Wonder Llamicorn on Snug Mini

$ 8.00

 Just remember that in a world of ordinary knitting Llamicorns- you are a Wonder Llamicorn!

Color starts on a light gray base and then is splattered with blues, reds, yellows, a hint of black (after all it is comic book inspired) and some more gray.

Due to the nature of the dye technique each skein of yarn is completely different and unique. Some may be lighter or darker and color distribution and saturation will vary greatly from skein to skein. Please keep that in mind when purchasing this particular colorway.

Mini skeins are perfect for any of your color blocking projects. They can even be used as an accent in heel/toe sock knitting or if you are working on a memory blanket.

What you will receive is a skein of my most popular Snug Base which is a  75/25 SW Merino/ Nylon blend and comes in 92 yds/ 20 grams a skein.

When photographing the yarn I try capture their true color, but please keep in mind that there may be subtle differences in the picture from monitor to monitor.