Sterling Silver Rivet Bangle Bracelet With Pendant

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Each bangle has been loving made by hand and the image on the silver pendant has been hand stamped, so please allow for variations in depth, crispness, etc. of each stamped image. The bangle is made from 12 Gauge Sterling Silver round wire that has been textured and closed with a sterling silver rivet. Silver

pendant dangling from the bracelet is a sterling circle with dotted edge measuring 19mm (.75") and contains a hand stampeded image. Each bracelet has been oxidized and polished. The hand stamped image is darkened but that may dissipate with time and wear.

Outside measurement is approximately 9" around with an inside diameter of approximately 2 11/16" (68.2625mm). Bracelet falls into the M-L category. Please keep in mind that these items are made and shaped by hand so there will be slight variations and differences between each piece. Because the bangle is closed with a rivet some bangles may take on more of an oval shape than an actual circle or be flatter on the rivet side. Please keep in mind that all jewelry will bend and distort with extended time and wear. To prolong the life of your jewelry do not wear in situations where it may get wet or while you are sleeping.

There are several things you can do to determine if this bracelet is the right size for you. One option is to measure the inside diameter of a bracelet or bangle that you already own. The second option is to measure your hand at the widest part. This can be accomplished by holding you hand in the position you would to put on a bangle and the measure around the largest part of your hand including your thumb knuckle with a piece of string or tape measure. My personal measurements: the widest part of my hand is 8.5" (215.9mm) and I have wrist of 6.5" (152.4mm).

Design inspiration from Lisa Niven Kelly of Beaducation.


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