Stellar Nursery

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Stellar Nursery is a color I created for my Interstellar Yarn Travel set. Color starts with a blue base and has a few sections of a dark gray/blue added to it. Then it is  speckled with greens, browns, blues, and a few other colors mixed in. 

This is a stock photo and due to the nature of the dye technique each skein of yarn is completely different and unique. Color distribution and saturation will vary greatly from skein to skein, from base to base, and from what is shown in these photos. Please keep that in mind when purchasing this particular colorway.

If using more than one skein I recommend blending skeins as you work.

Since these are extras from the pre-ordered sets - this color is only offered on Snug Base. For a list of all bases please click here.

Listing is for yarn only. All other items shown with the yarn are not included in the sale of this colorway.

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