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Product Image SALE-River & the Doctor Project Bag

SALE-River & the Doctor Project Bag

$ 35.00

 Item was $40 now on sale for $35

This project bag is made using Doctor Who inspire fabric that I created using my original art. Fabric includes images of River Song and the 11th Doctor.

Project bags will be made by Addicted to Sock Knitting who has the biggest and most roomiest zipper project bags ever. if you are not familiar with the style project bags that Addicted to Sock Knitting makes please follow the link to her website. Please keep in mind that project bags are handmade so there will slight variations and difference from bag to bag.

None of the fandom inspired colorways that are created by Pandia's Jewels are endorsed by or imply any kind of official connection to any of the characters, films, TV shows, movies, or any other fandom that they may be inspired by. This is merely an artists translation or interpretation of various characters and or fandoms in yummy squishy fiber, yarn, or art.