Rhinebeck or Bust: Indie Untangled Pre-Order

  • $ 27.00

This color is only available for pre-order to customers who will be physically attending the Indie Untangled Trunk Show on October 19th. If you will not attending this show please do not order this item at this time.

All pre-ordered items will be available for pick up at my booth during the show.

Rhinebeck or Bust starts with gray/beige base and then has splashes of reds, oranges, browns, possibly green, and a few other colors mixed in.

This color will be offered on several yarn bases- to see additional information on all yarn bases please click here.

This is a stock photo and there are no dye lots. Color distribution and saturation will vary greatly from skein to skein, from base to base, and from what is depicted in these photos.

If using more than one skein I recommend blending skeins as you work.

Price Includes 8% Ulster County Sales Tax

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