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Product Image Random Mini Skeins

Random Mini Skeins

$ 14.00

This listing is for a random selection of 5 mini skeins of Pandia's Jewels hand dyed colorways.

Mini skeins are perfect for any of your color blocking projects. They can even be used when it comes to making the Bee Keeper's quilt (hexi puffs) or the Crochet version know as Airy Puffs and even any of the scrap sock quilt patterns seen on Ravelry. And mini are also perfect for when you are making Tiny Owl Knits Care of Magical Charm Bracelets 1, 2 & 3 or even if you would like to make mini socks. 

What you will receive is 5 random skeins wrapped in a bundle. The bundles could contain limited edition colors- but there is no guarantee. The image is to just show what the mini skein look like it does not in any way reflect what you will get when you purchase this item- that is why this product is referred to as random.

In each Mini Skein bunch you will get: Aprox. 120 yds/ 25 grams- of my hand dyed Fingering Weight yarn in various yarn bases.

When photographing the yarn I try capture their true color, but please keep in mind that there may be subtle differences in the picture from monitor to monitor.