Peppermint Mocha Hand Stamped Progress Keeper

  • $ 4.50

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This listing is for one hand stamped metal progress keeper with a coffee cup on it. Keeper has been attached to a lobster claw clasp and is roughly 1" in total length.

These stitch markers are made by hand so please allow for variations in size, texture, and color. Be aware that the darkened stamped areas can fade over time with continued use. Please use caution when using metal stitch markers as they are still flat pieces of metal. Do not leave markers on WIP’s that will be stored for extended periods of time.

The plating on several of the materials may wear thin over time or sooner depending on wear, use, and how the individuals body reacts to the metal plating. Please keep in mind that the natural oils from your hands will also tarnish and oxidize the metals over time.

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