One Stitch At A Time- Hand Stamped Aluminum Cuff Bracelet

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This listing is for one hand stamped aluminum cuff stacking bracelets. The dimensions of the bracelet flat is 152mm (6") x 12.7mm (.50"). Inside diameter is approximately 2 1/4 of an inch when bent into cuff shape. I have a wrist that measures 6 1/2" inches and this cuff fits perfectly on me.

 How To Care For Your Hand Stamped Aluminum Piece

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that will not rust or turn your skin green. But that doesn’t mean that the aluminum wont require care to stay shiny and bright. The natural oils from your skin can tarnish or oxidize the metal. Aluminium is also soft and can easily scratch so I do not recommend using an abrasive cleaner or scouring pads which will only further scratch the metal. One of the best things you can use is a pro polishing pad which utilizes a non-scratch micro-abrasive technology to return the shine and luster to your metal piece. You can easily find these types of polishing pads online. Be aware that the darkened stamped areas can fade over time with continued use or if your jewelry is worn while swimming, washing, etc. 

 How to Adjust Your Bracelet:

Many cuff bracelets are adjustable thanks to the soft properties of the metal. And in general you can open or close your bracelet about a 1/4 inch larger or smaller. However, please do not put the aluminum bracelet on your wrist and then try to adjust it by squeeze it. When you do this it puts a lot of stress of the center of the cuff which can eventually weaken it.  You should also be very careful when you adjust it so that you don't end up making it an odd shape or damaging it. You should bend the bracelet while it is off your wrist by encircling your hand firmly over one end and then gently bend this portion of the bracelet. You can then repeat this on the other side.

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