Ewok Stitch Markers

Ewok Stitch Markers

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This listing is for 5  stitch markers. The size of each marker, not including the ring, is approximately 1 inch. These stitch markers are made by hand so please allow for variations in size, texture, and color. Stitch Markers are featured on US size 8 Knitting Needle. 

The beads are natural gem stones so please allow for variations in color and size.

These Stitch Markers are inspired by the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas and currently owned by Disney.

Original art copyright 2016 by Pandia's Jewels.

None of the fandom inspired colorways or products that are created by Pandia's Jewels are endorsed by or imply any kind of official connection to any of the characters, films, TV shows, movies, songs, or any other fandom that they may be inspired by. This is merely an artists translation or interpretation of various characters, songs, and or fandoms in yummy squishy fiber, yarn, and art.

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