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Product Image SALE- Bride of Frankenstein Stitch Markers

SALE- Bride of Frankenstein Stitch Markers

$ 8.00

SALE- item was $12 now on sale for $8

This is a Halloween set of Bride of Frankenstein bead stitch markers. Each set contains 5 stitch Markers and will come in a resealable gauze bag.

Each Bride of Frankenstein bead is approximately 3/4 inch in length and each stitch marker is approximately 1 1/4 inch in length. I make each stitch marker by hand so please allow for variations in length and in each glass bead. On either side of the Bride of Frankenstein bead is a small black glass seed bead. Also included is small round flat jet black beads with green glass seed beads on either side and these markers are approximately 3/4 inch in length.

The ring for each stitch marker is a 12 gauge ring that has been soldered shut- so no snagging. Making the total length of the Frankenstein stitch marker including the ring approximately 1 3/4 inches. The ring is roughly 16mm in diameter with a 12mm opening and is featured on a U.S. Size 8 knitting needle.