Prevention Policies For Covid-19

As the situation with Covid-19 evolves day -to- day my priority during these challenging times continues to be the health and safety of those around me, my customers, and my community.

Here is a brief outline of current procedures and policies:

1. Because of the nature of dying yarn I always wear protective gear when working in the studio. The studio is cleaned on a regular basis. All of my yarn bases are purchased in bulk and all packages are left to quarantine for three days before bringing them into the dye studio. I also disinfect myself and all packages when handling them. Additionally, my dye studio is completely separate from any communal home areas. And the areas in the studio where dyed and undyed yarns are stored is also kept very clean.

2. I do not go to the Post Office to drop off any orders. This means zero contact between me and the postal worker who comes and picks up all packages. I also use a scan form if asking the postal carrier to pick up more than one package. Areas where orders are packaged is also kept clean and I regularly disinfect my hands and packages when fulfilling orders. 

3. As many of you know, I have a chronic illness. This means that I already had (and still maintain) limited contact with the outside world. I have been social distancing even more so since March 16. And we have also been following CDC guidelines for households living in close quarters. As well as their guidelines for running essential errands.

Please keep in mind that these policies and procedures may change at any time. This may be because the CDC and individual state guidelines for procedures in regards to protecting against the virus have also changed. And I will do my best to keep this page updated if I can.

Please keep in mind that these measures may also cause a delay in packaging orders and shipping them. Additionally, many shipping carriers are overwhelmed as more and more items are being shipped across the nation and around the world and your order may take longer to be delivered.

Additional information:  according to the CDC there’s very little risk of catching coronavirus from a package delivery. Most deliveries take a while to travel from its shipping origin to your front door. And the packages are exposed to frequent shifts in temperature and humidity that reduce the virus’s likelihood of survival.