As of May 2021- at this point in time I will no longer be doing custom dye orders.

None of the fandom inspired colorways that are created by Pandia's Jewels are endorsed by or imply any kind of official connection to any of the characters, films, TV shows, movies, or any other fandom that they may be inspired by. This is merely an artists translation or interpretation of various characters and or fandoms in yummy squishy fiber, yarn, or art.

Rewards points program will no longer be offered after May 31, 2021. If you have rewards- I recommend you use them before this date.

 NO Refund Policy:

  • All sales are final. Pandia's Jewels does not offer refunds or exchanges on any items sold through the Etsy shop, website, or at festivals. When you complete your checkout online or in person you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  • If you dispute a charge or ask for a charge back you will be sent an invoice through Paypal for any fees that this shop may incur as a result of you terminating your transaction through your financial institution.
  • If you place an order and then suddenly decided you do not want it, after it has been shipped, you received it, and send your order back to me - by terms of the all sales are final policy which you are agreeing too by checking out and completing this sale, I am not obligated to refund your money in full. I will keep a 20% fee for restocking the items purchased and to cover the cost of the refund fees that I will be charged by your payment provider.
Shipping Policy:
  • Please allow 5-7 business days for in stock items to ship. If I am dealing with a Lupus flare this time frame may take longer.
  • All physical orders are mailed via USPS. If you order weighs more than 13 oz. it will be shipped via priority mail. All orders shipped in the U.S. will have a tracking number.
  • The prices that I have listed for shipping not only includes the price of shipping the item, but additional costs that ensures that your item is packaged in a manner so that the item you have purchased is not ruined in the shipping process.
  • AT THIS TIME I WILL NO LONGER BE SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES Due to VAT, Brexit, ad shipping delays- I am no longer shipping to any other countries. Additionally, for international orders I must complete a customs form. As an international customer I understand that some of you may be subject to additional charges for merchandise entering into your country. Please do not ask me to alter any of the information on the form or invoice- I will not lie. All international orders are shipped International First Class. This does include a tracking number but this number may only work while the package is still in the United States. If you would like  your package sooner I will be more than happy to upgrade the shipping to express at additional costs that the customer is responsible for paying.
  • If an order is large or contains in stock and dyed to order colors, it may be broken up into smaller packages. If shipped in the U.S. you will receive a tracking number for each package. International orders- there is tracking number but that number may not always be present until it has been scanned at its new facility. 
  • All packages get a tracking number so that I know that your package has been delivered.
  • Please keep in mind I have no control over the postal service or the weather. Inclement weather can delay your package even further. International orders can at times take 14- 17 business days or even longer if your package is held up in customs.
Pandia's Jewels is not responsible or liable for any lost packages if the wrong shipping address was provided at the time of the sale. All orders are shipped to the shipping address provided on the initial invoice placed through the website. As a customer, it is your responsibility to contact me prior to your order being shipped if your shipping address has suddenly changed.
Pandia's Jewels is also not responsible or liable for any packages that may be claimed as not having been delivered when the tracking number clearly shows that it has. This is why every order is provided with a tracking number. It is then the customer's responsibility to contact their local postal provider to find out what happened to their package. The customer can also file a claim or inquiry with the USPS in regards to their package.
Payment Policy:
Pandia's Jewels uses PayPal and credit cards for all transactions. As of September 13, 2016 we can now accept Apple Pay if you make a purchase on the website through you mobile device.
    Sales/ Discount Code Policy:
    • On occasion and often randomly I do offer sales and coupon codes on various items available on the website.
    • If a coupon code is issued that code is only good items that have been purchased during the dates that the coupon was valid.
    • Discounts or sales codes cannot be applied to items/orders placed before or after the dates specified for that particular sale/code/discount.
    • As the customer it is your responsibility top use a discount code at checkout during the allotted time frame. Do not ask to have a discount applied to your order if you forgot to use the code, even if that order was placed during the time a discount code was active.

    Freebies/Promotional Items: I like to sometimes add little freebies or promotional items to physical orders placed in the shop. This only happens when I have them available and I usually make an announcement about it through social media or the newsletter. These freebies/ promotional items can include small pin back buttons, stitch markers, and sample skeins of yarns. All of these items go by availability and are based on the dates when they arrive to me (for example the buttons are made by someone else for me). Items such as pin back buttons and stitch markers have to follow these dates of arrival. This is to ensure that things are fair for all of my customers, especially to those who placed orders for physical items on the date of the promotion or after since many times these promotional items are limited in quantity. These items are also only sent along with physical orders and will not be sent for orders that only contain digital material such as pattern downloads.

    Stitch Markers:

    • I do not recommend that you leave your markers on a project or WIP that is placed in hibernation as that could also ruin your stitch markers.  
    • Keep them stored in a dry place such as a notions tin to help preserve the life and longevity of your stitch markers.
    • Some stitch markers are made of glass beads. You must keep this mind when using those particular types of markers as they can break. Pandia's Jewels is not liable or responsible if the marker breaks or if you get injured while using stitch markers that contains glass beads or glass bottles.
    Additional Information:
    • There are no dye lots with any of my yarns or products.
    • I dye my yarns and fibers in a very organic wabi sabi process making each skein of yarn totally unique. Thus making everything I dye a jewel of its own.
    • The images displayed on the website and in each listing are for a general reference to the product. Please keep this in mind when purchasing yarn, fiber, and blanks from my shops as color distribution and saturation can and will vary greatly from what you see in the images displayed. Also keep in mind that the colors may look different from real life depending on the color settings of your computer monitor.
    • Some colors are over dyed or highly saturated to give you the deep rich color that you see on the skein. This means that color will bleed when put in water. If you are concerned about the bleeding then I suggest using the highly saturated color with darker colors , on its own, or if used with lighter colors then use a color catcher. The sticker is a reminder to make you aware of the bleeding when using that particular color in your projects.

    Terms Of Use

    All Web site materials, including, without limitation, the Company's logo, design, text, graphics, patterns, other files, and the selection and arrangement thereof are trademarks of Pandia's Jewels, all rights reserved.
    You may electronically copy and print to hard copy portions of this Web site for the sole purpose of using materials it contains for informational and non-commercial, personal use only. Any other use of the materials in this Web site — including any commercial use, reproduction for purposes other than described above, modification, distribution, republication, display, or performance — without the prior written permission of the Company is strictly prohibited.
    Crochet & Knit Patterns:
    All crochet & Knit patterns have been copyrighted and as the designer I reserves all rights. Any patterns that have been purchased through my other online forums are owned by this company and are for the purchasers personal use only. They may not be re-sold or redistributed with out my written permission.