Welcome to Pandia's Jewels. Here are just a few of the commonly asked questions and answers about my products and services.

How did you get started?

I have been crafting ever since my Mom taught me to crochet and knit over 20+ years ago. In college I decided to branch out my crafting skills and work on an art degree which consisted of drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry design, and Art History. Pandia's Jewels was created in 2011 as a family owned business so that I am able to stay home and meet the personal needs of my daughter and myself. As a person with an auto-immune disorder it is difficult for me to work in a normal setting. Owning my business gives me the opportunity to feel productive and work at my own pace. I appreciate all of my customers and I thank you all for supporting my dream. As well as being a part of this wonderful creative journey that I have been on. 

Why do you consider each skein to be a jewel? 

I literally dye each skein on its own in one pot. I also have a very organic Wabi-sabi approach to dyeing my yarns. This approach to dyeing yarn creates not only wonderful surprises but subtle and unique differences from skein to skein. The result is really spectacular making each skein a total jewel that stands on its own.

Do you have dye lots?

There are no dye lots. Each skein of yarn will be different and unique from each other. What does this mean- that while I may use the same colors to dye a skein of yarn color distribution and saturation will vary greatly from skein to skein. 

If you are looking to get multiple skeins in the same color family please order them at the same time. This is the only way to make sure that the colors will at least be the same. Even then the color distribution and saturation will vary from skein to skein.

Socks blanks- it is normal to find spots and lighter and darker shades in each ombre dyed color. These spots can sometimes happen when the new dye breaks as it is being added to the dye pot to create darker shades. Please keep in mind that the color dyed on the blank may change and will blend differently depending on what you knit with each blank.

Why does my skein have a sticker that says "Highly Saturated"?

Some colors are over dyed or highly saturated to give you the deep rich color that you see on the skein. This means that color will bleed when put in water. If you are concerned about the bleeding then I suggest using the highly saturated color with darker colors , on its own, or if used with lighter colors then use a color catcher so that the color does not bleed onto other colors. It just means that you should be aware of this when using this particular color in your projects.

What is dye break?

Not all colors a primary colors. In order to create certain dye colors different colors have to be combined together. Sometimes I will even mix dyes to get the specific color I am looking for. As a result- there are times when the dye will break during the dyeing process. This means that the colors break down into to their original primary forms which can at times leave spots or even add new colors to the skein when being dyed. 

How long will it take for my order?

If it is an in stock item your order will be processed as soon as possible. for dyed on demand colors- it can take about 4-6 weeks for me to process and dye your order. This is to ensure that I am able to give your order the time and love that it deserves. If there are delays in the time schedule please see the news tab on the front page for more information.

All orders are dyed in the order that they have been received. Please keep in mind that sometimes there are holidays so this may add some delay time to your order. 

Will I get what I see in the picture?

I do my best to try an accurately photograph the yarns and the colors. Please keep in mind that each photo shows the colorway dyed on a certain yarn base that I carry. The color distribution and saturation will not only vary from skein to skein but will also vary depending on the fiber blend of the yarn base. Additionally, colors depicted in the photographs can vary from monitor to monitor. If you are in any doubt about a specific colorway or a yarn base I carry then please contact me so that I can help you make the right decision.

Sometimes I see club and limited edition colors- are they available to purchase?

Club colorways are exclusive to club members. These particular colors are only available to club members for a limited time. After a 6 month period, these colors may or may not become available to the public.

Limited edition yarns are available several times during the year for a limited time. Sometimes individuals can nominate to bring a color back in my Ravelry group

When are clubs offered?

Yarn club memberships are offered 4 times a year. You can visit the club page for more information about the clubs and when they become available. Signing up for my newsletter is also a good way to find out when clubs memberships become available.

Why are the colors not offered on all of the yarn bases?

The colors are offered on yarn bases that I personally feel will work best with the colorways that are available.

Can you dye custom colors?

I love to dye custom colorways for you- just contact me and we can work out the details.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, I can do wholesale. I am still working on setting things up for legitimate business to purchase my yarns wholesale through this website. For more wholesale information at this time please feel free to contact me.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me or you can review the Shop Policy Page for further information.