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All of my yarn and fiber is hand dyed in wonderful color combinations and I consider each skein of hand dyed yarn or braid of fiber to be a jewel on its own.

I am an artist at heart and I love being able to create things in various mediums. But my first love has always been yarn and fiber. And it brings me great joy to be able to dye from the heart and bring the same passion and joy to others.

The Beginning....
I have been crafting ever since my Mom taught me to crochet and knit over 20 years ago. In college I decided to branch out my crafting skills and work on an art degree which consisted of drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry design, and Art History. 
Pandia's Jewels was created in 2011 as a family owned business so that I am able to stay home and meet the personal needs of my daughter. Everything I have created or dyed has been done with my own personal touch and I've treated every customer like they were a part of my family. I thank you for supporting my dream and being a part of this wonderful creative journey that I have been on.

In 2009 I earned my BA in Historical Studies and in 2012 I received my M.Ed in Secondary Education. 

About the Name....
Pandia in Greek Mythology was the embodiment of brightness and the Goddess of the full moon. While each of my creations starts from a spark of light I also consider each one of them to be a jewel of their own.
While I love self-publishing my own crochet patterns, you can currently find some of my designs on Ravelry and on the Knit Picks Website.
Additionally, I have worked with Cooperative Press by designing some crochet patterns for their Fresh Crochet Designs series.