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Where every skein of yarn is a jewel of its own

Product Image Llamicorn


$ 25.00

As a knitter  and indie dyer my mind tends to wander to all of those wonderful imaginative places and then I begin to think... what would happen if a Unicorn and a Llama were to fall is love? And its  this kind of crazy magical creative love that gives rise to the Llamicorn. 

Llamicorns are beautiful magical creatures that love to knit as much as you do. And you should always remember that in life you should always be yourself..... unless you can be a Rainbow Knitting Llamicorn.

Due to the nature of the dye technique each skein of yarn is completely different and unique. Some may be lighter or darker and color distribution and saturation will vary greatly from skein to skein. Please keep that in mind when purchasing this particular colorway.

This color is offered on several yarn bases. For information on the yarn bases I carry please click here.

Wash Instructions: Machine wash/ tumble dry low. As always, I recommend that you hand wash your yarn in cold water to preserve the life and longevity of your yarn and project.