Spider Web Shelf
Spider Web Shelf

Spider Web Shelf

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Please read this listing carefully before purchasing this item.

These wall mounted metal spider web shelves are perfect for highlighting and displaying your favorite decorative items. Nothing but some screws and wall anchors are needed to attach these shelves to the wall and to maintain their function. The torched finish on the pine wood shelf also adds some rustic style.

Since each shelf is crafted by hand please allow for slight variations from what is shown in these images. This means that the placement of each web and burn patterns on the wood will vary greatly from what is shown in these stock images as well as the dimensions listed below. There may also be small gaps between the metal bracket and the wooden shelf since each item is hand crafted.

Shelves come in three sizes:

  • Small: 12 inches long, 7 inches width, 7 inches height
  • Medium: 19.25 inches long, 9 inches width, 9 inches height
  • Large: 20 inches long, 11.25 inches width, 10.25 inches height

These shelves to do not come assembled, this is for shipping purposes to make sure that you self arrives undamaged. Each shelf will come with the screws and the directions needed to assemble your shelf. This does not include any wall mounting hardware.

These shelves are meant to hold small decorative items. Please do not put anything heavy on them as you may risk having the shelf collapse, fall, or detach from your wall due to the heavy weight of the items you placed on it. To ensure the life and longevity of this shelf, please make sure that you attach this item securely to your wall- i.e. have one of the metal brackets screwed into a stud or make sure you use wall anchors when attaching both metal brackets to your wall. 

Items featured on the shelf or on the wall are not included in the sale of this shelf. They are merely there for inspiration and to give you an idea of the types of items you can display on or near these shelves.


Here is a list of all of the yarn bases that are carried and their fiber content. Please keep in mind that color distribution and saturation will vary greatly from base to base and from what is depicted in each listing.

Fingering Weight

Floofy: this is a singly ply Superwash Merino Slub yarn wrapped with a strand of nylon. Yarn base is a blend of 90% Superwash Merino and 10% Nylon. Comes in skeins of 438 yards /100 grams.

Nimbus: This is a singly ply yarn wrapped with a strand of lace mohair. Yarn is a blend of 69% Silk/ 22% Kid Mohair/ 9% Nylon and comes in skeins of 382 yards/ 100 grams.

Singularity: is a single ply high twist fingering weight yarn. Made of 100% high quality and very springy superwash merino. Comes in skeins of 400 yds/ 100 grams.

Snug: is a 4-ply blend of 75% superwash Merino wool and 25% Nylon. The springy superwash merino makes this yarn super soft to touch. Yarn can be machine washed and tumble dry low. Comes in skein of 462 yds/ 100 grams.

Snug Mini Skein: is the same fiber blend but comes in skeins of 92 yds/ 20 grams

Super Sparkle Discontinued- what is left in stock is all I will be carrying:  This is a 2-ply blend of 70% superwash Merino wool, 20% Nylon, and 5% stellina. The metallic thread used in this yarn is silver in color and adds a wonderful sparkle to any project. Yarn can be machine washed and tumble dry low. Comes in skein of 438 yds/ 100 grams.

Wallop Discontinued- what is left in stock is all I will be carrying. This is a sock yarn that has a wonderful 2-ply high twist. This gives the yarn some really great texture and stitch definition.Yarn is a blend of 75/25 SW Merino/Nylon and comes in skeins of 462 yds/ 100 grams. 

Lace Weight

Bauble: 100% Merino Superwash- 6 ply heavy lace weight/ light fingering weight. Comes in skeins of 822 yards/ 150 grams.

Billow Lace: is a brushed Suri Alpaca that contains a silk core yarn base. It is a 74/26 blend of Baby Suri Alpaca/ Mulberry silk that comes in skeins of 328 yds/ 50 grams

Limited Edition Merino Silk Lace: yarn is a 2 Ply lace weight consisting of 80% extrafine Merino and 20% silk. Comes in skeins of 875 yds per 100 grams. Yarn base was brought to the shop specifically for the Holiday Botanical Collection

Mohair Silk Lace: 70% Kid Mohair/ 30% Silk- Lace weight yarn comes in skeins of 459 yds/ 50 grams.

Mohair Sequin Lace: Discontinued

63/12/23/2 Super Kid Mohair/ Lurex/ Nylon/ Sequins- Lace weight yarn comes in skeins of approximately 734 yds/ 100 grams. 

This yarn was produced by a mill in Italy and I was so happy to finally find the perfect blend of mohair with sequins. Unfortunately, this is a base that the mill is no longer manufacturing and I was only able to get my hands on a small amount. So once it is gone from the shop that is it.

Heavier Weight

*NEW* Colossus Aran: is a 3-ply Aran weight yarn that is 100% Superwash Merino. Comes in skeins of 181 yds/ 100 grams

Cozy Worsted: is a worsted weight yarn that 100% superwash Merino Comes in skeins of 218 yards/ 100 grams.

Dazzle DK: is a 4-ply DK weight yarn that consists of 75% superwash Merino Superwash/20% Nylon/5% Stellina (silvertoned). Comes in skeins of 231 yds/ 100 grams.

Delight DK: is a 4-ply DK weight yarn that is 75% SW Merino/ 25% Nylon blend. Comes in skeins of 245 yds/ 100 grams

Fluffy DK: This base starts with an acrylic fiber that has been shrunk with heat to "trap" in the Alpaca. Making this base similar to other multi-ply yarns while still maintaining a wonderful halo. Its an 80/20 Baby Alpaca/ Acrylic blend that comes in skeins of 273 yds/ 100 grams.This is not a superwash base so please keep in mind that the colors dyed on this base will be more muted in tone and may bleed more if not washed or cared for properly.

Limited Edition Merino DK: This DK yarn base is 100% Merino Wool and comes in skeins of 246 yds/ 100 grams. Yarn base was brought to the shop specifically for the Holiday Botanical Collection

Snazzy Sport: is a 3-ply sport weight yarn that is an 80/20 blend of SW Merino and Nylon. Comes in skeins of 328 yds/ 100 grams.

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