Crystal Magic Shawl Pin

  • $ 25.00

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This listing is for one Crystal Magic Shawl/Kilt Pin.

The main crystal pendant on this is Opalite, a Quartz Crystal and  Purple Fluorite Bead, a small black bicone swarovski crystal bead.

Shawl pin consists of a stainless steel and is roughly 3" not including the crystals hanging from it. Please keep in mind these pieces use wire wrapping techniques and real semi precious stones. So there will be variations from piece to piece and from stone to stone.

Shawl pins can possibly be made with the following combination of materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Alkeme, Copper, Silver Nickel plated and/or Steel Plated materials over a brass base metal.

The plating on several of the materials may wear thin over time or sooner depending on wear, use, and how the individuals body reacts to the metal plating. Please keep in mind that the natural oils from your hands will also tarnish and oxidize the metals over time. It is this oxidation that will also place a nice patina on the copper elements.

Please use caution when wearing and using metal stamped pieces. While I take great care to file the edges they are still flat pieces of metal. 

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