Holiday Botanical Collection

This is a special holiday collection that utilizes natural dyes. I have only dyed a small amount making this a limited edition collection. Once the yarns sell out that will be it for this season. Please read the below information carefully before purchasing.

How yarns are listed in this collection:

All of the yarns are listed by the natural dye used and the lot they were dyed in. First lots will be darker and highly saturated compared to later lots.

Importation information about wash and care of botanical dyed yarns:

Since the yarns in the collection are botanically dyed they need to be gently washed in cold water. Please keep in mind that even though the dye has been fixed and gently washed, some color bleeding may still occur for the first few washes. Botanical dyes can also lighten with time, continued wear, and with frequent washing.


Collection Updates:

  • Collection will be available at Do Ewe Knit Trunk Show from 10-4pm for Small Business Saturday Nov. 30, 2019
  • Collection will be available online Sunday Dec. 1, 2019 at 10am EST