To Frog or Not to Frog- part two


Ok- so as some of you know I was knitting the Shusui Shrug by Susanne Sommer and had joined the KAL going on through Instagram. I seriously love this shrug and was so very happy with my new color choices.

But-I have no idea why I have such a problem with brioche. Its like we are fr-enemies. I know how to do it and I like to think I am good at it but every single brioche project I knit has mistakes--- errrrr--- design elements. And for the most part they are the kind of pattern where you can fudge your way through and still have it come out looking good in the end. Not so with this shrug.


So I was happily knitting along when I soon realized that no matter how many times I told myself that it was an increase row I constantly kept forgetting to increase on the one side! Why- I have no idea. But there was no way that I could fudge this and still have it look symmetrical and fit properly. I decided to put this on the floor and take a big leap of faith and frog back to a point where I could pick up and start again. 

Now mind you- as I mentioned in my previous frogging post- when I decide to frog I go back to beginning. The very beginning. Because my skills in this area are sub par in my opinion. And ITS BRIOCHE!!!! But I figured why not-  if it doesn't work out then we go all the way back to beginning and start over. 

It took about an hour of carefully frogging back one row at a time and winding up each color. I even used a needle that was like 3 times smaller than what I had been knitting with so that I didn't pull stitches when I tried to pick them up. There were a few mistakes- but when I transferred it back on to the right size needle- I made sure to fix the stitches so that they were all facing the right direction again.

 And Voilia!!! I did it!!

I was so impressed- even gave myself the title of Frogging Jedi Master. I had thought this achievement was now unlocked and I could do anything! I even knew what row I was in the pattern- WHUT?! So impressed.

And as quickly as my spirits had risen they quickly fell again. WHY? Because I found myself back in the same spot! Once again- several rows in- I noticed I had forgotten to INCREASE ON THE ONE SIDE!

It is at this very moment that I admit defeat. It has nothing to do with the pattern- that pattern is lovely and well written. It is my nemesis Brioche that has done me in. So, this project was quickly thrown in the corner and I texted my Mom about my frustrations.

But the good news is my Mom- who is a knitting master (IMO) has decided to take on this challenge and make one for me. I hope she has better luck with this than I did.

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