Rock the Lobster- Spooktacular Alterations

I know a lot of you really want me to publish the chart alterations that I made to the original pattern. This was a decision that I contemplated for a while for several reasons. First- the two chart patterns that I borrowed the skull and bat from were free on Ravelry. And they have been noted as being incorporated into my version of this pattern on my Project Page. So I am not too worried about sharing them. Second- is copyright. I do not own the Rock the Lobster pattern nor pretend to. Thirdly, Not gonna lie- I love this sweater so much I really want to be the only one who has one. But... in the end I decided to share.

But before I did that, I needed to contact Connie to see if that was even ok. After all it is her pattern. I did receive a message from her after my initial inquiry and she gave me permission to release a small portion of my altered chart. Which you can find here.

You will need to have the original colorwork chart from Rock the Lobster by Connie Peng (Yellowcosmos on Ravelry) to fill in the first 13 rows of the chart and they gray stitch sections on either side of the skull. You might want to combine them both together on some graph paper.

Additional patterns that were incorporated:

Please do not ask me for a completed version of this chart or for any additional help in chart or pattern alterations. For a more detailed look at my personal fit alterations you may visit my project page on Ravelry.


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    Thanks for sharing! :):):)

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