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As I have mentioned in a few other newsletters that I recently sent out I am working on re-vamping the website and getting rid of dyed on demand colors. The goal is to switch everything over to in-stock. And while those colors may be in stock I will still keep the Fandom navigation bar for easy access. But like with the last update I am letting go of some of the colors and moving them into the discontinued pile. These discontinued colors will be available to order until May 31, 2017 until 8 pm EDT.

Here is the list:

All Random Fandom Colors will be discontinued and include:

  • Abby Normal

  • I'm not a Witch! I'm your Wife!

  • Norwegian Wood

Austen color 'For the Love of Darcy' will also be discontinued.

Doctor Who Colors:

  • Apple's Rubbish- will stay

  • Machine that Goes Ding- will stay

  • Time Vortex Manipulator- will be discontinued

  • Timey Whimey- will be discontinued

  • Whovian- will be discontinued

  • Wibbly Wobbly- will stay

Star Trek Colors:

  • Beam Me Up- will be discontinued

  • Data- will stay

  • Enterprise- will be discontinued

  • Final Frontier- will stay

  • Illogical- will be discontinued

  • Out of my Vulcan Mind- will stay

  • Resistance is Futile- will be discontinued

  • Tribble- will be discontinued

While the website is changing you can always contact me if you are looking for larger quantities of colors and I would be more than happy to do a custom order for you.


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