Coloring Pages- FREE DOWNLOAD

Sometimes when I don't feel like knitting or doing other crafts I like to relax by drawing or coloring. And I thought it would be fun (especially during these difficult times) to share a few pieces of my artwork as a download that you can print out and color at your leisure. You can also save these images onto your device and then color them on your tablet or phone.

Please keep in mind that these artworks are original pieces of art and intended for personal use only. You will find the images and the pdf download links below.


1. Mystic Knitter

Mystic Knitter PDF Download

2. Ace of Yarn

 Ace of Yarn (uncolored) PDF Download

3. Butterflies & Yarn Flowers

Butterflies & Yarn Flowers PDF Download

Alternative version of Yarn Blooms PDF Download

My friend Alida (metalandbelle on Instagram) also wanted to share one of her pieces as well.

4. Priestess

 Priestess PDF Download


Stay Safe and Happy coloring 

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