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I was nominated by C.C. Almon (Javapurl on Ravelry) on her blog for the creative Blog Hop. I am suppose to answer four questions about crafting and then nominate 2 other individuals. So here goes nothing.....

Question 1: What am I working on?

I am working on a ton of things! I'm probably working on more things than I should be at the moment. But for some reason I welcome chaos in my life so I guess I am becoming used to juggling many many yarn balls. At the moment I am finishing the last month of first edition of the Doctor Who Companion Sock Club that I have created along with the help of the lovely C.C. Almon. And while I am finishing up that edition I am also in the process of completing the second edition of this club which is scheduled to go on sale in October. If you are interested in this club then please join my newsletter. That is really the best way to stay up date on all of the limited edition yarns and clubs that I create and when they go on sale.

Speaking of Limited Edition colors I have also completed creating two colorways to go along with Slipped Stitch Studios BOM Clubs. The first color is for the Alice in Wonderland club and that colorway will be released here on the website Sept. 29, 2014. And the second colorway is for the Haunted Mansion Club which will come out some time in October. I am still working on the dates for that. But I do think that everyone will enjoy both of those colorways. I even made a pair of socks to highlight the wonderful colorway I created for the Alice in Wonderland Club but no Spoilers! This is why the photo is still in black and white :)


And finally, among the myriad of WIP's I have been knitting, the one I am most enjoying at the moment in knitting a pair of socks for the#Countdowntooutlander and #KiltmeknowKAL  being hosted by C.C.  and others on Instagram. The yarn is an Outlander inspired colourway, Je Suis Prest, by Jess of Ginger Twist Studio dyed on her Ginger Hand Dyed Sheepish Sock. And I am using Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder because I wanted a pattern that would offer some texture to the sock without taking away from the beautiful colorway. If you have never used this pattern you should, it is just a simple, easy, and wonderful sock pattern. I am also calling these my "I need Jamie to wrap my feet in warmth everyday socks" and for more details about this project just visit my Ravelry Project Page


And of course no Outlander inspired project would be complete without the help of #PocketJamie. Spoiler alert- C.C. and I are actully in the process of creating an Outlander inspired Sock Kit. More details about that collaboration to come soon :)



Question 2: How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I would say that I definitely have a unique dye style when it comes to the way in which I dye my yarns. I just love to use a very organic almost haphazard dye process which in turn creates this wonderful blending of colors when dyeing my yarn. And this is why I consider each skein that I dye to be a jewel of its own because there will always be subtle and sometimes deliberate differences from skein to skein. One thing I think that a lot of my customers enjoy is the way  I draw inspirations for my colorways from various Fandoms, books, and even some television series. The post popular of course being the Doctor Who Companion Sock Club. However, I will say my creative process is always growing because I am constantly pushing and challenging myself when it comes to the ways in which I dye my yarn.


Question 3: Why do I create what I do?

You might as well ask me why does a bird sing. I do things that I do and create the things that I create because it just seems to make sense to me. As a little girl I was always creative and I think that is because I come from a long line of artists and painters in my family. My fiber and needle craft skills I learned from my Mother but I have studied everything from metal working, ceramics, drawing, and even calligraphy. But while I have tried a bunch of different artistic mediums over the years, working with fiber is the medium I feel most comfortable in. I have dabbled in everything from designing, to knitting, and even taught myself how to spin. Fiber crafting has just become a second skin to me and I just find it to be very freeing and meditative. 

Question 4: How does my creative process work?

My creative process comes from all different directions and sometimes I wish it wouldn't be so sporadic. The Doctor is referred to as a mad man in box and I sometimes feel like I am  mad woman in a dye lab. There are days when I just stand over a boiling pot and add colors just to see what will happen. Other times, I might be watching something on television and then I have stroke of genius and a colorway will come to me. Sometimes I design or dye things out of necessity because I am unable to find a particular pattern or colorway that I want. And last but not least, there are even times when I design things to highlight my yarns. Case in Point, my Shades of Color Shawl that I designed to highlight my gradient yarns.


While I may find inspiration all over the place I will say that not every idea or concept that I have come up with has worked. There are several patterns that I have designed and failed in the testing process. And there times when my ideas or patterns were rejected when I submitted them various publishing or yarn companies. But there is always good and bad when you do anything creative. I just try not to let that bring me down. 


I hope you have all enjoyed this little blog post. Mind you I am not one for words and my typing and grammar skills are atrocious. So take this for what is, a small little craft confession and insight into the crazy and creative world that I swim in.

I now nominate Debra (vintagegirl on Ravelry) from Addicted to Sock Knitting and Dianne (dbbstitch on Ravelry) also know as Suburban Stitcher to answer the questions next.

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