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18 Mar '17

To Frog or Not to Frog- part two

Posted by Julia Wardell in Knitting

Ok- so as some of you know I was knitting the Shusui Shrug by Susanne Sommer and had joined the KAL going on through Instagram. I seriously love this shrug and was so very happy with my new color choices.

But-I have no idea why I have such a problem with brioche. Its like we are fr-enemies. I know how to do it and I like to think I am good at it but every single brioche project I knit has mistakes--- errrrr--- design elements. And for the most part they are the kind of pattern where you can fudge your way through and still have it come out looking good in the end. Not so with this shrug.


So I was happily knitting along when I soon realized that no matter how many times I told myself that it was an increase row I constantly kept forgetting to increase on the one side! Why- I have no idea. But there was no way that I could fudge this and still have it look symmetrical and fit properly. I decided to put this on the floor and take a big leap of faith and frog back to a point where I could pick up and start again. 

Now mind you- as I mentioned in my previous frogging post- when I decide to frog I go back to beginning. The very beginning. Because my skills in this area are sub par in my opinion. And ITS BRIOCHE!!!! But I figured why not-  if it doesn't work out then we go all the way back to beginning and start over. 

It took about an hour of carefully frogging back one row at a time and winding up each color. I even used a needle that was like 3 times smaller than what I had been knitting with so that I didn't pull stitches when I tried to pick them up. There were a few mistakes- but when I transferred it back on to the right size needle- I made sure to fix the stitches so that they were all facing the right direction again.

 And Voilia!!! I did it!!

I was so impressed- even gave myself the title of Frogging Jedi Master. I had thought this achievement was now unlocked and I could do anything! I even knew what row I was in the pattern- WHUT?! So impressed.

And as quickly as my spirits had risen they quickly fell again. WHY? Because I found myself back in the same spot! Once again- several rows in- I noticed I had forgotten to INCREASE ON THE ONE SIDE!

It is at this very moment that I admit defeat. It has nothing to do with the pattern- that pattern is lovely and well written. It is my nemesis Brioche that has done me in. So, this project was quickly thrown in the corner and I texted my Mom about my frustrations.

But the good news is my Mom- who is a knitting master (IMO) has decided to take on this challenge and make one for me. I hope she has better luck with this than I did.

16 Mar '17

Versicolor- FREE PATTERN

Posted by Julia Wardell in free, Knitting, pattern

Versicolor means of various colors and this shawl is the perfect way Learn some new stitches while playing with various colors when creating this attractive triangle shawl.

 The shawl begins with a garter tab and grows from the tab top down. It was created to compliment the Color Me Happy Kits that are offered in the shop. However,  this project is also a good way to destash colors you may have left from other projects.

 So let your creativity and  versicolor imagination go wild!

Note: That while this comes with written instructions this is more of a shawl recipe than a pattern. Use a needle size that gives you a nice drape to the fabric you would like to create.

This pattern was created by my Mom Debi and she used US size 4 (3.5 mm) needles when knitting this sample. Please keep in mind that my Mom is a super super loose knitter- so if you plan to make this I would recommend going up a needle size or two if you are super tight knitter.

Approximate yardage for each color used was 231 yds/ 50 grams in the sample shawl shown.

Stitches you will learn:
  • Knot Stitch
  • Garter Stitch
  • Bee Stitch
  • Diagonal Cross Stitch
  • Rose Stitch
  • Garter Lace

Click the Link below to download a PDF file of this pattern.


P.S. Kit used to make this sample was called Nebula and it was an OOAK kit. As many of you know I have a short attention span when it comes to colors so I am constantly adding new colors and kits to the shop. With that being said- if you like a kit or color- I would suggest grabbing it, as it may not come around in the shop again.

16 Mar '17

To frog or not to frog... that is a very good question.

Posted by Julia Wardell in Knitting

To frog or not to frog is always a question I ask myself. First you need to understand that I have only been knitting since 2012 and my idea of frogging means taking everything back to the beginning. Like to the very beginning and starting completely over. And yes I know what "life lines" are and no I have no desire to use them. Even though they could save me from a lot of heart ache. Its just the idea of stringing this long piece of what ever through a bunch of stitches seems like it would take longer than just frogging back and starting over. I know this completely makes no sense at all. And... I am totally ok with that.

But there are times when it is completely warranted to frog all the way back to the beginning. Case in point- I started to make a Shusui Shrug by Susanne Sommer (who is a completely lovely and sweet person btw) and I thought I had the perfect colors picked out.

I decided to use my new Spirit Warrior color along with Gray Pearl and would use some Pow as a pop of color at the end. Looks great together- right? WRONG!

As you can see when I began the project that gray was washing the beautiful Spirit Warrior color so in this case I completely frogged and decided to go with a different contrasting color. This is totally ok- I learned a while back that if you don;t like something you don;t need to continue to knit with it.

So, to really help the blues and pinks pop I decided it would be better to go with a darker color so I added some Midnight into the mix. Still gonna keep the Pow because its Pow and purple neon- who doesn't love purple neon? And voila- perfection!

I am really in love with the direction that this shrug is going in regards to color and I am very excited to keep knitting this. I can't wait for it to be done!


04 Mar '17

Neon Sampler

Posted by Julia Wardell

Learn to knit some new stitches while creating this attractive Triangle shawl. This is a great project to use one skein of yarn and some leftovers that may be in your stash.

Pattern is written but is also suggestive, meaning it is more like a recipe to make this particular shawl.

While the pattern suggests using US Needle size 3, please use whatever size needle you would like to create the type of drape that you want in your finished shawl.

Gauge is not significant. Adjust the needle to a comfortable stitch that is not too tight or too loose.

The shawl begins with a garter tab and grows from the tab to a span 72” and a point that is 36” deep.

Yardage needed:

  • Color A- 462 yds

  • Color B- 120 yds

  • Color C- 175 yds

Colors in sample are:
Berry Stain

Click the link below to download a version of this pattern 

download now

04 Mar '17

Syncopated Bees- Shawl Recipe

Posted by Julia Wardell in free, Knitting, pattern

This pattern is available for free and was designed by my ever so talented Mom- Deborah Arnouts

This pattern is more of a recipe to make this particular shawl than it is an actual pattern.

The shawl uses two colors of fingering or sock yarn and one skein of mohair lace that matches or coordinates with one of the colors.

Knitted shawl was done on size 3 needles. However, adjust needle to a comfortable stitch that is not too tight or too loose. Because my Mom is a super loose knitter so she tends to knit everything on lace size needles.

Pattern uses the following stitches:

  • Knit

  • Purl

  • Bee Stitch

While this pattern is done with 2 colors you could easily use more colors of your choosing to make this particular shawl. Making this the perfect shawl to use up odds and ends in your stash.

If you would like to download the file click the link below.

download now